Ana Belaval talked with Co-Owner, Romney Cirillo on WGN’s Around Town segment about the Mobile Aquatic Therapy (MAT) program being utilized during the COVID-19 pandemic. During an already stressful time for families who have children in the hospital, the added stress of the COVID-19 presence poses yet another obstacle to some comfort and normalcy. While other Assisted Animal Therapy (AAT) programs have had to cease during this time, the state-of-the-art medical-grade mobile aquariums have been able to remain as a constant, providing relaxation and enjoyment to these children and their families in a safe way. Ana tells of her own friend whose child needed emergency appendectomy surgery and had to stay for treatment. A MAT unit with its safe, medical-grade equipment would easily be rolled into this child’s room to provide a much-needed distraction and comfort during the stay. MAT, already having provided benefits to children pre-pandemic, has now been utilized in a much larger capacity to help bring this peaceful, organic element to these child patients. Something Fishy is currently trying to implement these MAT units in more hospitals to reach a much larger range of patients needing a relaxing escape during the weight of this pandemic.